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The task of clean up and removal of belongings can be overwhelming at an emotional time like this. We can help.

We get in to assess the damages and get the tools

needed in place right away

to secure you and your family's safety and security.


Specializing in Insurance Claims.  Emergency Repairs, Clean up and Restoration Services.





Water Damage, Flood Damage, Wind Damage, Fire Damage;  providing Emergency and/or Restoration Services at ANY stage of the claim to restore your home and peace-of-mind.

Call us today at 519-940-4773 or toll free at 1-800-263-1238.

Not all contractors are equal. We are experts in our field. Using the right equipment and procedures we get the job done right the first time, saving you the potential for problems in the future that may NOT be covered.

We understand the industry and will work to get you the best from your policy. We provide detailed Estimates and know what the Claims Adjuster needs to see to help streamline and expedite your claim.

YOU are our priority. We will get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Weather can cause damage to siding, roofing, shingles and more. You want this fixed so the elements do not penetrate or insects burrow.  We know what to look for.

emergency work


Not sure it's a claim?

Let us assess it for you. Water Damage, Flood Damage, Wind and Fire Damage or any Restoration or Contracting service we are qualified. If you're not happy with the contractor the Insurance company sent, we can help.

Call today for a no-obligation SECOND opinion or contact us for more information.

There are many types of water damage check your policy to ensure your coverage. It can affect drywall, furniture, electronics, carpeting. baseboards and if not dealt with immediately and professionally may lead to irreparable mold and mildew issues.


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Let's get going on your home so life is back to normal asap.

Did You Know? Even if your insurance agent has sent out service staff  and even if they have started, YOU have the right to choose your own contractor if they are not to your satisfaction. Waiting too long, bad service, or just NOT happy? Call us for a second opinion today!

Thorough and professional we get to the source of the problem so the job's done right!

24HR  Restoration

& Emergency Services Inc.

INSURANCE & General Contracting

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